Whimsical Wonderland Animated Film Screenings

Catch short animated films by students who graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts

Whimsical Wonderland Art Market celebrates creatives for their innovation and determination to pursue their artistic passion in a collective space. LASALLE College of the Arts has kindly shared 5 short animated films to be showcased at the Whimsical Wonderland Art Market. Catch all 5 films at the following screening time slots on 6 and 7 August:

  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
  • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


AVA Poster

Ava is about letting go of the familiar in order to grow as a person. No matter how hard we try to stay in the same place, change is the only constant, and we have to move on eventually.

The titular character (Ava) lives in a room without doors and windows, and is contented with tending to her looping and cycling toys and gizmos. One day, a mysterious door appears in the wall, and what lies beyond threatens her comfortable little world.

About the Director

Grace Ho

Grace Ho graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016 with a BA(Hons) in Animation Art. Prior to that, she received a Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). Films she’s worked on as a student have screened at various exhibitions, including the Singapore Art Museum and at the Art Garden exhibition in Lille, France. Ava is her first film.

Instagram: @absurdsquid


Burgerburg Poster

Burgerburg, is a restaurant chain made with the stuff of dreams, or at least that’s what the advertisement says. But as an office-made rabbit worker finds out, nothing is as it seems. The darker inner workings begin to change individuals surrounding it, causing consumers to succumb to the darkness while others spiral out of their own control.

About the Director

Jennifer Chua

Jennifer Chua is a graduate of the BA(Hons) Animation Art programme at LASALLE College of the Arts. She is an enthusiastic, forward-thinking animator and illustrator who has a strong work ethic. She works well both independently and in groups.

Her work, The Road Taken, won silver at the Crowbar Awards (2018). Alongside another work of hers, Beasts, both animations were nominated for multiple festival screenings


TankBoy Poster

A young boy named Kevin moves into a new neighbourhood. On his first day of school, strange tears start to flow non-stop from his eyes. He devises a fool-proof solution: a tank on his head. As the day goes, he begins to realise that the container might not be the best way to deal with his issues.

About the Director


Tankboy began with a question; why do we cry?

As I got more lost in that thought, I found myself drawing many many tears on my scrap paper. I wondered about how sadness is often treated as a negative experience. Tankboy intends to explore that sadness, and wishes to understand the complexity of human emotions. Ultimately, the film’s portrayal of sadness aims to evoke comforting emotions, strength and hope to the audience.

But the story is quirky and simple and magical. This is drawn from my personal preference for children’s picture books- something I read a bit too much in my free time.

They inspired me with their ability to speak to all audiences and their politeness and humility even when discussing heavy topics. They don’t always look for logic, yet find meaning in stories, and Tankboy follows suit.

As a filmmaker, I aim to explore even more free ways to tell a story that expresses human nature in its full honesty, that everyone can be a part of.

Instagram: @novellalalala

The Boy in the Whale Suit

The Boy in the Whale Suit Poster

We all see other people from our own perspective. Sometimes, we see something in the other person that no one else notices. In this short film, the story details the curious sense of identification between people through our little heroine – Daiyu. As a lonely child, Daiyu spends her days playing with her toy Godzilla on her little balcony. Soon, she was intrigued by the boy in the whale suit who walks pass her flat every day. One day, she decides to follow the strange boy…. and thus, began her little adventure and journey to uncovering his identity and discover the meaning of friendship.

About the Director

Marie Toh

Marie Toh is a 22-year-old Singaporean art student. She graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2014 with First Class Honours in 2D Animation Art. As an avid illustrator, her visual style draws directly from fine art, illustrations and photography. Amongst other things, she also has a particular liking for Surrealism. Her main inspiration for The Boy in the Whale Suit is Australian illustrator Shaun Tan. His visual aesthetics and narratives have played an important role in shaping the film as it is.

Instagram: @flesssh

To Be Apart

To Be Apart Poster

Having just moved into a new town inhabited by Mynahs, Fluzzard struggles to fit into the new community. In a desperate attempt, Fluzzard changes his identity completely to be part of the mynahs despite his friend’s vehement attempts to stop him. This leads to disastrous results, revealing a startling truth about identity and reality.

About the Director

Zhen Yingjie

Ying Jie is a concept artist and illustrator who excels in visual development for games and films. Driven and passionate, Ying Jie loves to explore story ideas and learn new techniques in design and painting.

His specialities include storyboarding and digital sculpting. He is also highly interested in working with 3D modelling, After Effects and VR illustration.

Instagram: @yingjieart