Creative Talk – Chen Yanfei


27th June 2020 (Sun), 4.00PM to 5.00PM

This June, come join us for an exclusive peek into the secret world of the Japanese animation industry with Chen Yanfei, a veteran anime background artist.

Yanfei will be sharing a first-hand account of pursuing an art education in Japan and her advice for anyone planning the same. Find out how she managed to get into the exclusive Japanese animation industry as a Singaporean. Discover behind-the-scenes insights, industry practices and expectations of working in this fast-paced industry. Enjoy a personal sharing of her works in notable anime tv shows and movies, like OnePiece, Conan and more! Last but not least, she will show a short process of creating a piece of anime-style digital background art from scratch.

Who should attend:

  • Creative professionals keen on insights into the Japanese creative industry
  • Students planning to further their art education in Japan
  • Anyone who is interested on a behind-the-scenes look at the Japanese anime industry

Online artist talk conducted over Zoom so you can join us wherever you are. Register quickly to save your seat.

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About The Speaker
Chen Yanfei (@eishinstudiosg) is a professional 2D digital illustration artist, specializing in background art. Having spent 9 years both studying and working in Japan, Yanfei have had the pleasure of learning from the best in the Japanese animation industry and working on numerous well-known animation, movie and game titles. She have since moved back permanently to Singapore and is keen to share the rich industry knowledge gained through her years overseas. She is currently based in Singapore working as a freelance artist for various Japanese animation companies.

This talk will be moderated by Cindy, founder of Imagine The World and Room To Imagine.